London Mistresses

London Mistresses - Miss Pierced Laura

Welcome, slave.

I’m Miss Laura, your playful, yet strict Mistress.

For me, BDSM is about those special moments when the Domina and the slave truly connect with each other.

Even as a girl, I played weird games with my Barbie-dolls. Age fifteen, I read the works of DeSade and felt that my desires were finally understood. I am very perverted but I do not consider myself a sadist. However, if my partner is masochist and I feel that he really enjoys the pain, well, that truly turns me on. If we have that special kind of connection, I’ll be open to do anything.

Above all, I love anal sex (giving and receiving). I have handmade leather strap-ons with dildos of various sizes. If my slave is open and submits to me, our session becomes a sacred ritual and I’ll only be satisfied if I have my whole fist in his anus. That moment when a man surrenders himself and orgasms around my wrist‚Ķ true beauty!

Come to me. Trust me. Leave your fears and judgements behind. You know I’ll understand your secrets. Together, we can explore even your darkest, most precious fantasies.

Miss Pierced Laura